products that give value 
to cold chain and refrigeration 


Ice Packs

Bio-nanotechnology based ice packs that can save your inventory from loses!

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Foldable Fridges

A product that replace expanded polistyrene boxes and save costs in the reverse logistic of the empty boxes!

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Personalize this solution according to your needs!

Transform boxes, vehicles and rooms!

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One use packages

Use these packages to export flowers and food  from a country to another and avoid having inventory loses!

Proof of concept


This is a portable fridge specialized in storage and transportation of vaccines. Thanks to its modular design, light weight and cold chain durability, it can be used for transportation means,  hospitals, laboratories and even terrestrial transportation!


PseudoFreeze's AC panel grid cools the air with our bionanotechnology. Thanks to its internal system it creates ice keeping it for longer periods, using 70% less energy than a conventional AC.