PseudoFreeze was created in 2018 by four students at Universidad de Los Andes, with the objective in changing the refrigeration industry into a more sustainable and accessible system. Currently, PseudoFreeze is formed up by a dynamic team of designers, scientists, and engineers experts in biodesign, biotechnology, and professionals who believe that design and innovation are fundamental for creating a cleaner and more efficient refrigeration.

PseudoFreeze seeks to rethink refrigeration by creating a technology that combines principles of nature and design. 

PseudoFreeze’s innovative refrigeration bio-nano technology depends on design and conditions to operate efficiently.


PseudoFreeze seeks to create a natural and sustainable refrigeration system, using the least amount of energy possible to reducing future environmental and human impacts.


Our vision is to transform refrigeration into a sustainable and equitable system, where any person in the world not withstanding geography or context can have access to medications or vaccinations. We want to strive against global warming and contribute to humans well-being.